Satellite Pro VST

Satellite Pro VST 1.0

Satellite Pro VST is a virtual synthesizer for various audio software
1.0 (See all)

Satellite Pro VST is a virtual instrument synthesizer for various audio software.
- Dedicated Patch and Effects screens for full synth and effects parameter editing
- Access to 18 different effect types. Parameters can be edited, automated and synced to MIDI
- Access to the powerful synthesis engine with 10 filter types
- Access to dedicated multi-stage (ADSTR) envelopes for the Pitch, Filter and Amplitude sections
- Access to syncable LFO's (with multiple waveforms) for the Pitch, Filter and Amplitude sections
- Keymap screen with sample list and graphical zone editor for building and editing patches
- Advanced sample "Automap" and "Assign" functions make it extremely easy to build patches from scratch
- Integrated graphical waveform editor
- Powerful batch processor
- Graphical crossfade loop editor with industry-leading proprietary algorithm for creating perfectly seamless sample loops
- Artist/Developer picture or logo storable per patch along with detailed info "tags" and patch comments

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